Dia de los Muertos

This is a personal project that I created to celebrate all the wonderful people that are no longer with us. Growing up in Mexico, Dia de los Muertos is a tradition that I celebrated every year with my family and community.  This year I decided to make a virtual altar inspired in the sugar skulls of the traditional ones. 

Illustrator,  After Effects


Whale Tales of Monterrey Bay

I am in love with whales, I secretly want to be reborn as a whale. 

Every year I take a trip to Monterrey bay, a marine sanctuary near Santa Cruz, CA to watch these gentle giants as they follow their migration. We where super lucky and saw at least 10 humpbacks whales (humpbacks are baleen whales, this means they don't have teeth, but baleen. They don't eat other mammals... in case you are wondering). The weather was perfect and the sunset colored beautifully the sky and ocean. 


The Processing journey begins!

Me and my very good friend, Kim,  signed up for a art and code class. One of the things we learned was Processing, and this was my result.  I am super excited about this new tool to create, there are so many possibilities and room for exploration. 

Illustrator, Processing 

Wood block printing

My best friend took me to a wood block printing class and now its the only thing I can think about. I want to print everything all over the place. Especially cacti! More to come very soon. 

The day doodles came to life

These doodles that lived for so long on my notebook finally came to life the week I learned how to make gifs at work! How did I live so many years without learning three easy steps? Still unclear. 

 Dia lluvioso. 

Dia lluvioso. 

 Las chichis coquetas. 

Las chichis coquetas. 

Light study

Light study from the time I took a photography class in college. In reality all the photography knowledge came from an amazing photographer,  my best friend, and roommate at the time. The class just forced me to finally pick her brain and take pictures every week; I haven't stopped since then. 

Thank you Celia!