Paradise on Earth - Iceland

To celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary, my husband and I went on another nature packed honeymoon.

Whale Tales of Monterrey Bay

I am in love with whales, everyone should be!

Every year my husband and I take a trip to Monterey bay, a marine sanctuary near Santa Cruz, CA to admire these gentle giants as they follow their migration route. We where super lucky and saw at least 10 humpback whales Humpbacks are baleen whales, this means they don't have teeth, but baleen. They don’t eat other mammals but crustaceans, plankton, and small fish. The weather was perfect and the sunset colored beautifully the sky and ocean. The waters in Monterey Bay are bubbling with wild life, it is a great reminder that we are not the only ones on earth and we need to take care of this home we share with others.


Alaskan Honey Moon

The day after our wedding, we embarked on a journey to Alaska. This was not the typical honey moon, but a perfect one for my aversion to the sun. Alaska had some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in my life. The beauty of our planet is humbling and mesmerizing.

We landed in the middle of the night in Anchorage and at sunrise we boarded the Alaskan Railroad Train to Seward.

Winter Wonderland

Beautiful and cold adventure to Alberta, Canada. 

The day doodles came to life

These doodles that lived for so long on my notebook finally came to life the week I learned how to make gifs at work! How did I live so many years without learning three easy steps? Still unclear. 

Dia lluvioso. 

Dia lluvioso. 

Las chichis coquetas. 

Las chichis coquetas. 

Color Portraits

On my last semester at AAU, I took a photography class. My best friend was a photography major, and living with her awoke an itch for photography in me. I finally decided to face o take the leap, got a little Nikon and started shooting. I have to say that I learned so much more from my friend Celia than from the class itself, but it was nice to have assignments to put me on a timeline. These portraits were my final project.

Light study

Light study from the time I took a photography class in college. In reality all the photography knowledge came from an amazing photographer,  my best friend, and roommate at the time. The class just forced me to finally pick her brain and take pictures every week; I haven't stopped since then. 

Thank you Celia!